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Chicken Bone Broth

Chicken Bone Broth is simple to make at home and the best part is that you can use leftover things you may normally throw away. Bone broth has gained lots of popularity over the last few years and for good reason. Bone Broth Benefits Bone broth is very high in trace minerals that are found… Continue reading Chicken Bone Broth

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Crockpot Blueberry Applesauce

This Crockpot Blueberry Applesauce recipe is sure to be a hit with your kids and it will make your home smell amazing! You will need a few simple ingredients and a couple of my favorite kitchen tools to make this recipe. To make the applesauce, simply peel and chop the apples and combine them in… Continue reading Crockpot Blueberry Applesauce

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chickpea Blondies

These Peanut Butter Chocolate Chickpea Blondies are so delicious! If you haven't tried chickpea blondies or brownies yet you must give them a try! They are super moist and chewy. Also, these blondies are naturally gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian! Plus, they are low in added sugar. Aside from chickpeas, you will need creamy peanut butter,… Continue reading Peanut Butter Chocolate Chickpea Blondies

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Nutella Chickpea Brownies

These Nutella Chickpea Brownies may possibly be the most gooey and delicious brownies I have had in a long time! Also, aside from the Nutella there is very little sugar added to this recipe. Return to the Kitchen is a participant in the Amazon Affiliates Program. This post may contain Affiliate links for which we… Continue reading Nutella Chickpea Brownies

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Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Meatballs

These Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Meatballs are simple to put together and make for the perfect addition to pasta for a weeknight dinner or dip them in sauce as an appetizer or snack! We made these Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Meatballs with turkey, however, beef or chicken could be substituted as well. These meatballs could also be… Continue reading Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Meatballs