Homemade Sourdough: Sourdough Starter

One of the best homemade foods to me is bread and this sourdough starter is the first step! It fills the house with an unbelievable aroma, makes your mouth water and is so much better than any store bought bread. Unfortunately, it’s not the quickest food item to make and also one of the easiest to buy.

I decided it was time to give it a try, it’s been a few years since I did this last, and figured if I was going to do it then I would do it right and make a sourdough starter.

Sourdough starter is no easy task and requires lots of attention and care while it’s being grown and even once it reaches the point that it’s ready for baking.

Also, no two sourdough starters are the same because they collect different yeast depending on where you live.

How to make it

To get started you will combine even amounts of flour and water. We did a cup of each and used whole wheat flour. My son took care of the stirring and then we covered it with a towel and let it sit.

How to care for and feed your starter:

Today we uncovered it, removed about a third, fed it another cup of whole wheat flour and water, gave it a good stir and covered it back up.

It will take anywhere from 7-14 days for it to be ready for baking and in the mean time we continue to toss some and refeed it each day.

Today is day 2 and I noticed we started to get some bubbling going on.

Sourdough Starter

Stay tuned to see what happens! For an update visit: Home Sourdough: We Made a Loaf!

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